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Lymecycline 300mg + Epiduo 0.3

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Hi everyone. So long story short. I am a 22 year old boy who never had any acne problem on my face before. In october 2018 i noticed a few pimple which occasionally i do get for a few days. But this time it did not go away. Before this I NEVER used any products. Just water to rinse my face, no soap, nothing etc. Then everybody adviced me to use a cleanser and moisturizer. I don't know if this has anything to do with the acne but they broke out so much.

In januari 2019 I decided to see a doctor who subscribed me lymecycline and epiduo. I take the antibiotics twice a day, before lunch and after dinner. Then at night I apply the epiduo. My doctor tells me to leave the epiduo on over night then in the morning wash my face then apply moisturizer. This is my 3rd week using the combination. The second week was the worst. Then in got better for like 2-3 days. And today I've noticed that It gone really bad again.

I've never been stressed out like this before. For an decent outgoing guy I've kept myself inside. Nobody knows that I feel so freaking bad inside, for a few times I've almost cried and cancelled all of my plans just to stay in. I found this page and read so much about other people who's going through the same thing. I hope that writing this down as my "diary/log" will calm me down since I don't know who to talk to. 

Right now I would say that my condition is semi-severe. I will try to take some pictures or atleast try to upload weekly. If you have any experience with the antibiotics I would love to know when you started to feel that it got better :)

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