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Are you extra careful when you have a pimple?

I use a CPAP Machine. The CPAP Mask has a strap that touches my face. I have a pimple now and the strap will either go over it or near it. I'm afraid the strap will cause the pimple to get irritated or larger, thus increasing the chance of scarring. I just had a subcision and laser resurfacing, so I'm not using the CPAP mask until the pimple goes away.  My doctor will not be happy, but hey, it's my face!!!

Is anyone else here this careful when they get a pimple on their face, or is it just me?


EDIT: What if I were to sleep with a collagen mask to cover the skin during the night? Would this be a mistake, especially since I had subcision and laser resurfacing done two weeks ago?

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I'm not that careful....I figure if it's already there, the damage is already done. I don't think using the CPAP machine would cause scarring. I'd definitely run that by your doctor, since you do need a CPAP machine to breathe properly.

What I would do is just make sure you disinfect/clean the machine where it touches your face (Same idea as cleaning linens that come into contact with your face, etc)

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