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Azithromycin Tablets cured my Folliculitis

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Have been a sufferer of folliculitis for 9 years (since I was 18). Puss like pimples with the hair follicle in the middle of it would be present on the scalp, with concentrated infected areas on the top rear portion of the scalp. Few pimples would be present on chest hair, although only after 5 years of being infected.


First few years I was on and off of Doxycycline / Augmentin, unfortunately pimples would return once off these drugs. Test swabs were taken and nothing was reported to be abnormal, other than a bacterial infection. GP advice was to just refrain from wearing headwear and keep infected areas clean. This helped slightly, but did not completely cure my folliculitis. I tried to stay away from the Doxycycline / Augmentin due to fear of damage to the kidneys, so I would only consume the drugs if I was carrying many pimples. After researching online, I had made an emphasis on eating less oily foods and less carbohydrates and this diet change alone reduced the folliculitis by roughly 70%. I also ensured I shampooed my scalp twice a week, as well as a fresh cloth placed on my pillow case before sleeping twice a week.


Just recently I was on holiday in Mumbai, India and after a couple of weeks of eating constant spicy and oily foods, I started to get a concentrated area of tiny puss filled pimples on my face where my temples were. The folliculitis on my scalp was present although only a handful of pimples. This was the first time I had experienced this and believed my recent change in diet was the cause. I then spent the next few days refraining from eating spicy and oily foods, but the pimples were multiplying and becoming very noticeable. Along with my uncle (Mumbai local) I visited a GP to gain a prescription for drugs to help with the pimples (although in Mumbai most drugs are accessible over the counter anyway). Doctor advised to order Azithromycin tablets IP 500mg – 6 tablets to be taken over 3 days. No side effects were experienced while on the drugs and after the 3 days, I felt the pimples were becoming reduced in size. Although not completely cured, I gained another 6 tablets over the counter, except at a reduced level of IP 250mg taken over again 3 days. Pimples were clear, as well as the folliculitis pimples on my scalp.


I expected the folliculitis on my scalp and chest to comeback after I had taken the 6 days course of Azithromycin tablets. To my surprise it hasn’t, even after 2 months. During the 2 months I have been less strict on my diet and have not doing my usual exercise (Football off season), still nothing.


I understand the frustration of what having folliculitis can cause. That is the only reason why I’m here posting this, as I was also in your shoes. Do try Azithromycin if you have exhausted all your options, as it may work for you like how its worked for me.

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