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At Wits End - Scalp and Back "Acne"

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I am a 34 year old male, and break out on my scalp and back. I don't know if I would even call it acne. The reason why is that they can almost become boils.

It does not matter if I cut my hair or not, wash my hair or not, change pillow cases, use glycolic acid or bp on my back, I cannot figure this out.

I have even just tried doing the LEAP diet protocol, using an MRT test (Mediator Release Test) which tests your white blood cells against 150 foods and chemicals to see what you are sensitive to. After doing the diet diligently, I have seen no change in my scalp and back.

To give you an idea of my history with acne, I had terrible cystic acne at a young age in the 8th grade, and did all the antibiotics known to man, then 2 courses of Accutane at 16 and 17. My acne on my face has never really been back.

However, at 24 and 25, my scalp started breaking out, and my back. So back to the derm, and I was put on Accutane, again. Naturally it cleared me up while on it.

I am at my wits end. What does one even do at this point? What derm is going to look at or doing anything any differently?

It's probably a long shot, but if anyone has advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

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