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Hey everyone, 


Thought I’d make this post on here because I really have no where else to turn to. Ive struggled with back acne since I could remember. While playing hockey at a high level from 10 years old to 20 I always had a few spots on in the middle of my back then it went to lower back, then the sides a bit, then moved over to a little higher up. And since it was on my back it really didnt bother me. I couldn’t see it and for the most part couldn’t feel it so I had no concern over it. When the summer months rolled around every year was the same, go out in the sun for one day and I would have nothing left on my back. 100% clear. I always associated my back acne with my hockey and sweaty life style and thought once I’m done with hockey once I turn 20 and go to school I’ll never have to deal with back acne again. Was I ever wrong. When hockey ended in April of 2018 I began my pilot training of getting my private pilot licence, which has been my dream since I was little. Right when I started this I got my doctor to prescribe me some doxycycline since I was still getting some back acne and wanted to try a different method orally instead of all the millions of shower gels I’ve tried in the past. And believe me I’ve tried everything short of sulphuric acid on my skin. I found the only one that made a change was benzac wash 10% but it only worked for a short period of time then it seemed my skin got used to it and wasn’t affected anymore. Anyway its now the summer and I’m continuing to fly daily, workout, and have a job. I didnt have much time to go outside and tan but when I would I’d make sure I’d get a lot of hours on my back to get all the marks and pimples off and it always worked. Soon as the end of the summer rolled around I found my skin to be basically clear after all the tanning except I was beginning to get a few pimples on the top of my shoulders which I’ve never experienced in my life. My acne was always focused just on my back in the middle or at the bottom. Never have I had anything near my shoulders, the sun took it away and I wasn’t concerned. Once school started in september the sun went away, clothes were being worn all the time and I was beginning my first year of full time university in aviation. In the beginning of the year I had pretty much no back acne and was fine, then I remember around mid October I got a clump of pimples on my right shoulder right where the bone is flat and I thought hm thats weird, but whatever it’ll go away in a few days, well that clump turned into more and more and more. Before I knew it I had both shoulder blades with at least 10 pimples on it. And not just little white heads I’m talking painful lumps with white heads or cysts. I began a regiment on that day of using nutrogena clear body and dove body bar uncented. Nothing. More pimples. I then tried showering in cold water, nothing. Then I tried using my benzac 10% which helped a bit then made my back ridiculously itchy if I even sweated the smallest amount. Then I went to different doctors and they always recommend Accutane. Which I cant take because I’m a pilot and I would rather have acne than risk my eye sight and loosing my medical. But there has to be an answer. This started in October and is now February. It’s been 5 months of me battling acne on my shoulders, shoulder blades, traps, the tops of my biceps sometimes, and even a few on my stomach sometimes. I dont know what else I can possibly do and its seriously taking a toll on me. I either have active pimples, pimples building, or scars from old pimples on my shoulders, neck, and shoulder blades. I’ve washed everything imaginable with new detergent that wont cause breakouts, I’ve tried every cream, wash, spray, you name it. I’ve tried cutting out dairy and sugar, I wash my sheets every week, I dont know what else I can possibly do. I’m currently only showering once a day after working out and using cetaphil gentle skin cleanser because I use that on my face and have next to no acne and figured maybe the other stuff was just aggravating it too much. I’ve also started using tanning beds. It’s the last possible thing I wanted to do besides Accutane but I know the UV will help with clearing things up, and it does, but I feel bad using them and I want a permanent solution thats going to get rid of it for good and not just temporarily. 


If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. At this point I’m just down right desperate for a solution and I just want to stop worrying about this. 

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