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Sorry for the rather marketing sounding title, just thought this might be a place where I can get some advice :)

So I've dealt with acne for a very long time.... I've had my ups and downs like everyone else here. I noticed about 2 years ago that my acne can be made about 95% clear through diet and ever since I've been gluten/wheat, soy, and dairy free. The last couple of months I've been at about 4800 calories bulking (eating in a calorie surplus to gain muscle mass and strength) at the gym which has been making me break out like crazy regardless of no dairy, soy, wheat/gluten! So I did research and decided to try a low glycemic diet... here's the thing though, most low GI diet advice is for people who eat normal amounts (2000-2500 calories) and so I've been a bit lost in how to implement low GI into a 4800 calorie diet. I've tried just eating mostly sweet potatoes, lentils, grapes and houmous all day but to no avail... I believe portion size plays a part though and even though I'm eating low GI I'm still getting insane blood sugar spikes from the sheer quantity of low GI foods I'm eating (850g of sweet potatoes for example). I would really really appreciate if I could chat to someone more knowledgable than myself in low GI diets :) Another thing actually... I did a test for a week on 2000 calories in the middle of my bulk and lo and behold...no acne! (one tiny skin colored zit but it was barely noticeable)... I thought it was my fat intake because while bulking my fat intake was extremely high (almost 300g daily) but I'm doing low fat now with high carbs and I'm still getting spots lol. Help in the DMs would be much appreciated!

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