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Treat the texture (indent) or the redness (erythema) of a scar first?

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Hello acne scar community,

I am in great distress because I have an area of scarring on my cheek as a result of regrettable picking of acne lesions around 4 months back.

The result is depressed scarring (I think it's boxcar) that is also highly erythematous.

Both bother me tremendously and the redness of the scars make them stand out even more, and likely making them look even deeper than they actually are

I have had 2 sessions of subcision done, the most recent (last month) with a small amount of Radiesse filler placed after the subcision as a spacer and collagen stimulator, but as you can see the depressions are still there and highly obvious to me.  And currently, I have undergone 1 session of VBeam at a derm's clinic 2 weeks back but the redness of the scars still look the same as they were before, no fading :( I still have 3 more VBeam sessions to go with the derm so I'm praying and hoping it will make the redness disappear.

I am still conflicted because I am not sure if the wiser or better treatment plan is to treat the redness first, then the depression, or treat the depression first then work on the redness?

What I'm afraid of is, if I do somehow manage to clear the redness, and then proceed with treatments to work on lifting the scars (e.g. fractional co2 laser), will there be a chance that the erythema of the scars come back due to the heat from the lasers? So in this case should I have worked on the depression of the scar first and then treat the erythema after?

How I wish there is a treatment/method that could resolve BOTH the depression and erythema at the same time so I can get my scar treated in the shortest possible time.

Thank you for your advice.



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