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Need help identifying my acne scar types and recommended treatments

Hey all, Im a 21 year old male. I was on accutane for 7 months and was left with scarring on both sides of my face. My dermatologist suggested that I wait 6 months to get any type of acne scar treatment. The 6 months will be over in a few days and I would like to begin treatment soon after. Can someone please Identify what types of scars I have and the recommended treatments. I tried taking the pictures using angled lighting and hope you can see the scars well. Thanks in advance.








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@hat_trick22 Thanks for the great pics, exactly what I needed. You have mainly box cars, some rolling scars, perhaps a few icepicks, I see some discoloration. 

Good it's been 6 months.

** Please Note I offer to acne scar suffers a "more" "customized" (private) consultation than the above general advice. Analysis, answering questions, ongoing support by Private Messaging. Feel free to message me there. Be patient as I can get over 100+ of the worst acne scar cases to help, it "may" take me up to 48 hours to respond.

Checkout the main scar treatments sub, find the FAQ pinned on top there, goto the bottom, there are Dr's or call around and ask who does cannula subcision or nokor subcision (needle type) to dermatologists and or plastic surgeons, consult a few before you decide who you like, even if you have to pay as treatment is expensive, better like them. Ask how many subcisions they do a month and if they treat your skin type. If they just do laser run they will just blast you and not solve your issue.

Disclaimer: Information and support is not meant to diagnosis, treatment, or cure any health or mental condition and is not a substitute for professional face to face medical care  (consult with a few Dr's and pick your favorite one). Posts are for informational purposes only, please consult your personal health care practitioner before engaging in anything discussed. 



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I live in the NYC area and have been looking into Dr. Novick for the subcision and TCA cross. I am not sure if he will do the RF Needling and CO2, do you know any good doctors that do these things. Also the 3 month wait period between procedures, is it between each individual session of subcision or all the subcision treatments and TCA cross treatments combined?

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Check back in a week, adding more Dr's to the FAQ recommendations, a million things to do. Recently some have complained Novick is too expensive. There are a few more Dr's in NYC. He will not get you there alone as he only does sub, filler, and some light acid peels. You will need energy devices which you can get anywhere in NYC like med spa's and cosmetic derms. 


Novick and other Dr's will tell you one week apart. I help thousands and they don't understand how slow the process is for collagen to forum. A dr will blast you weekly if you let them $$$$$, best to observe and see what works. Especially with your fragile Accutane - healing skin. Manual methods like subcision and filler are best now. 

They can do TCA Cross and sub in the same session, filler can also be done. Depends on the Dr and what you want to pay. I would not do laser now. 

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