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TCA Peel and TCA Cross Combined?

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I recently had a consultation at a dermatologist's office. They suggested a combination treatment where they would go over my whole face with a TCA peel, and then go back over the more severe scars with the TCA cross method in one sitting. Is this an effective treatment? Has anyone else here done this? I just haven't seen this combination much elsewhere and want to get some feedback. Unfortunately I don't know the exact concentrations they would use, but I remember they mentioned they would be careful because I have olive/ethnic skin. Thanks!

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@AcceptableRelish  You first TCA Cross, it even uses a different percentage of acid. Some Dr's will subcise at the same time. Peels are typically at the end of treatment not at the beginning for slight surface texture once they do the work to raise the scars through subcision + Filler, cross, etc. The peels are normally the last step. Now if you only have slight textural scarring you can do tca peels at home monthly if they are a lighter %. I would consult with a few other Derm and plastics, and choose the best one. You can always not have them do the peel and just do the tca cross and some subcision if needed. Remember to wait between cross sessions at least 2-3 months as the skin is very slow to heal. 

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Thank you for your thoughtful responses. I think I'm going to ask more questions about the process and if I'm really uncomfortable I'll just ask them to skip the peel and only do the cross. Thanks again! Will update if anything happens. 

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