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Im 17 years old, tall and 75kgs and i started my accutane course 4 days ago.

Ive taken 4 20mg doses so far, and I’ve just been invited to a party tomorrow. I really want to drink at this party as i think it will be my last chance until i really get into my course and my dosage is upped to 40mg for 5 months. Can I drink a considerable amount (not very drunk) if i miss my next 2 doses considering i’ve taken so little roaccutane? will it damage my liver/ raise my blood cholesterol too much? i’m normal weight, eat healthy most days and barely drink please give me your thoughts as soon as possible thank you xx

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I am too late to this topic, but I ran into the same issue my first round of accutane. Its obviously not suggested by the doctor, but I was on either 30-40mg and my 21st birthday came up. I stopped taking pills for 2 days and drank. Nothing happened to me. I was actually in college and continued to drink a little on the weekends. My triglycerides in my blood test also were elevated sometimes and my doctor warned me to watch it. So, I wouldnt advise it. I'm on my second round and I am not sure if I relapsed because I was drinking on accutane and it fucked up the absorption or something. Hope you enjoyed your last night binge drinking XD

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