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Firs of all, I don't know if this is the right forum topic but I didn't know where else to put it so sorry If I'm in the wrong place haha. So here is my long and frustrating story.

I have had fungal folliculitis on my chest for more than 2 years now. The first few months I tried all kinds of home remedies such as body washes, tee trea oil, dandruff shampoos etc. Everything seemed to work a little but never enough to clear it up. After all that, I went to a GP and over the course of almost a year she prescribed me ketaconazole cream, hydrocortisone cream, two courses of itraconazole and two courses of fluconazole. All of it worked, but again,  it never really cleared me completely.  Finally, she sent me to a dermatologist who prescribed me a low course of accutane, 20 mg per day, which went on for like 8 months total. I cleared up quite a bit, mostly around month 5-7 I was pretty clear. Never 100%, but I didn't mind the few tiny spots I had. Then the last month, everything went south again and it slowly started to come back a bit. It was not nearly as as bad as it used to be but it wasn't great either. I waited till the end of my course because I read that some people really clear up after stopping accutane. It did become a bit better when I was done with my course but I still wasn't very happy with the results. The dermatologist prescribed me differin to use if it started to get worse, so 6 weeks ago I started using that. It does seem to work, but again not enough to really clear me up. I'm waiting until the 12 week mark to see the final results of this since that is when you can really see if it works or not. But I am just so done with this skin condition, it is driving me insane. I can never wear low cut tops, I always have to wear clothes that cover the area up and I am sick of it. I feel so self conscious and disgusting all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions as what to do if the differin doesn't work either? Cause I just don't know what to do anymore, I feel kind of hopeless.


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