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Me, newbie introduction timeee

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MY FIRST POST YAY, Ive been reading this mb for awhile, nicest ppl ever...anyways me..

Im 15, Emily, I never had terrible acne, last year I got small ones, and over the summer in israel my skin went a lil red, but now its perfect, but it wasnt terrible at all, I kept thinking how the crap am I getting action when I feel like crap and told beatiful..icky.

So I dont acne, so why am I here? Because Iremember how I was so consumed when I had little acne freshman year, and how I didnt listen to people when they said it all looks fine..but I am a really insecure person. I used to have glasses, and be dorky, and made fun of earlier in elementary life, and the insecuriness never left me. Once I got contacts, suddenly, evreyone sees me as pretty, and bam, suddenly like overnight I get attention and friends, but I dont feel like I deserve this, as I am walking home one particular night with a friend of mine, Jakie, seeing why everyone finally sees me how I want to be seen since forever, and I feel still the same insecure person inside.

I like what I see in the mirror, but I feel otherwise...I just want to say that acne or no acne its possible to feel insecure, and more than acne, my desire is to have the perfect body, as selfish as it is.

And one more hting about me, there's a superficial side to me, obviosuly, but more than that, I hate superficial ppl who are all about how they look 24/7 whhich is why I dont hang out with the stupid popular crowd that hasnt faced any problems and look just perfect...

What I want to say, you guys are gorgeous no matter how you look, because what I learned is that personality matters a million X more than acne, and its all about your personal outlook on you than other ppl on you, when I freaked out that I got really mild acne last year, I felt liek crap and shitty, but I realized and couldnt figure out why I was still treated the same by both my guy and girl friends, and thats because acne doesnt matter!! My friend though is having real acne and let me tell you she has the same friends, and still the same personality---acne doesn't get to her.

ANother thing I want to say, dont think that if a person didnt experience acne doesnt know what you are going through, I know I didnt and dont so far have real acne or at all and I take care of my face, but as retarded it sounds, when I got mild acne I felt desperate, and I feel as insecure as ltos of ppl here that lingers from the past being called ugly, and still after 3 years its strange to be called pretty---and for me my main concern is my body that seriously bloats--it goes from 127 to 135 eusa_think.gif


Dont be hard on yourself

ANd believe me I'll post a lot

And the galler doesnt like me sad.gif wont let me post pic

Aand a person who on the forum is pretty and is just outgoing and cool that I noticed is Elsa---hi Elsa

And that concludes my really long post procrascinating doing homework.

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aah it was a few days ago saying you were high and drunk and that you sent a picture that you're a really old disgusting lady...I just cracked up so much reading that

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Actually, why not be a derm? hahaha...I'm defy gonna be a post-whore....haha.

Dude, Ive only posted a few minutes ago, and 11 replies already, whoohooo!!! hey yupp...should I just call you yupp? lol

elsa you're sweet damn.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop? THats my randomness kicking in..

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Guest Brandon

I'm just defending a friend, Elsa. You knew I wouldn't miss this party for the world. cool.gif

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Guest Brandon

Seriously, you're annoying and I could care less what you have to say. Everything you say is either about kissing Elsa's fucking ass or talking shit to me.

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Seriously, you're annoying and I could care less what you have to say. Everything you say is either about kissing Elsa's fucking ass or talking shit to me.

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