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Hey guys! I wrote a piece about 2/3 weeks ago and looking back at it makes me so sad. It’s when I first started taking dianette and my skin purged so badly. I was getting spots in places I’d never had spots before and they were red, inflamed and angry. I put BP on one and woke up with an oozing crust the next day over my chin. It was so sad and so intense as I’m 20 now and have been on accutane twice, as well as dianette twice, but have relapsed after both. Accutane worked for the short term but within a month I saw my acne creep back up which concluded to me that it is indeed hormonal. So I decided to start a dianette diary to help people who may have been in my situation!

Week 1: I experienced Spots ALL over my chest and expect some bloating, which is quite normal for me anyway. I felt it was enhanced however that could’ve been the power of suggestion. The chest spots came as a surprise though. They were all over me.

Week 2: Here came the water works. My skin looked the worst it’s ever been. I broke out along my jawline and cheeks, huge pustules and whiteheads popping up everywhere. My face was red, sore and worse than ever before. I contemplated stopping dianette but soldiered on.

Week 3: still bloated and spotty, I hated how I looked. However, there were no NEW spots. Which meant I just had to work with what I had. Concealer was my best friend. 


Week 4: Wow. I really really saw an improvement this week. The spots started clearing up rapidly, and each day it looked better and better. I was so shocked and surprised. My diet had been terrible and I’d been drinking heavily, so I do attribute this change to dianette! 


Week 5: My week off. New real no spots, just some scars. Easily covered with makeup. Feeling a little bloated but I’ve heard that calms down within the first month or two. 

I feel like my face will purge itself again soon, cuz this seems too good to be true, but I’ll continue updating you guys! Hang in there, you got this xx


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Hey guys,


so as I predicted, yes it was too good to be true. I’m almost at the end of my second month now and I’ve woken up to loads of cystic spots and whiteheads on my chin?


i know results aren’t supposed to be conclusively positive until about 3-4 months in, but I didn’t think my skin would start hating me again. :(


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Okay, so it’s my first day on month 3 and my skin seems to have calmed down. I have one new spot today but the rest seem to be inactive.

Idk why it’s like a yo-yo, but I’m thinking I should probably discontinue if it flares up like that again. The spots leave red scars on my face so I can’t risk ANOTHER inflammatory attack on my chin when the other one hasn’t properly cleared yet.


any advice would be appreciated. Thank you 

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