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Oily Skin (with acne) Problem

Okay, I’m going to get straight into this:

- I’ve had VERY oily skin on my t-zone since I was 14 (now 20) and have suffered from constant acne ever since (never cystic but always red, painful whiteheads daily). I look like I’ve washed my face in a frying pan.

- From all I’ve read I came to the understanding that our oil glands are stimulated by androgens and lots of articles say that eating too much sugar and having high levels of insulin increases androgens which in turn causes oily skin. 

- So three years ago I really cleaned up my diet and have been consuming whole foods, green veg, fish, some healthy fats, etc. experimenting with different macros along the way to see if that made any difference. Every time I try a different diet I stick with it for at least 4 months. All to absolutely no avail. I’m Oiler than ever. The only clear conclusion I’ve come to is that fruit gives me terrible bumps all over my forehead. 

- When I eat ‘healthy’ foods all the excess oil on my skin makes it very red and irritated but I have such sensitive skin that if I use anything other than Cetaphil face wash It over dries my skin and it burns!

- Occasionally, when I get really frustrated with the state of my skin, I’ll spend a day or two eating junk food (think chocolate, ice cream)...and suddenly on those days ZERO oil...what!!?? HOW? At the end of those days I have perfectly dry skin, my acne massively reduces on my forehead, nose cheeks, but the sugar does give me some new pimples on my chin...

- Does anyone have a clue what could be going off? Why does eating so terribly suddenly shut off my oil production like that? I feel pretty terrible after eating such rubbish but oily skin is so uncomfortable! I would have thought the higher the insulin the more oily my skin would be?

- Some other info you should know: I’m female. 20 years old. I’ve always had hormonal problems with lots of missed periods and some excess body hair. My doctors think I have lean PCOS as I’ve never been overweight and always slim. I don’t stress my body physically and I always make sure I get enough calories.

I just can’t understand why eating such a terrible diet suddenly improves my skin. It’s depressing. I want to get healthy and be fit but whenever I try the state of my skin makes me look so sick! Help? Anyone? 


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Posted (edited)

Wash your face every morning, evening, and after exercise. While washing, resist the temptation to scrub your skin.

When drying the face after washing and using toner, people should gently pat their skin dry with a soft towel.

While many people with oily skin steer clear of moisturizers for fear that their skin will appearance greasier, using the right moisturizers can benefit this type of skin.


Give yourself a clay facial mask once a week.


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