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What type of scarring do I have and what treatment would be best for my scarring? (Photos included)

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Hi guys!

My name is Sophie and i am 28 years old. I have been suffering from mild acne since I was about 14 years old. Thankfully that is over now (apart from the occasional hormonal breakout). However, the acne has left me with quite some (mild) scarring and enlarged pores on my forehead and chin. 

Even though it might not be very severe, i’m very insecure about my scarring and feeling unhappy about it. Since I dont breakout anymore, I feel the time is right to start with scar treatments. 

I have read a lot about the types of treatments and am overwhelmed by all the possibilities. There seem to be a lot of experts here on acne.org and I would love it if someone can take a look at my pictures and advise me about possible treatments. 

It seems like a lot of treatments are very expensive and doctors make big promises. 

So my question is, what type of treatment do you think I need and will have the best results? Thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it :-)







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@Sophiepippa1990Looks like scarred pores, linear scars, freckles and some hyperpigmentation. Don't see any pits. Perhaps you can let me more of what is going on as it's all so mild. 

Clear and brilliant several treatments for large pores, or the more powerful fraxel 1927nm full power, multi - pass. 

Hyperpigmentation they could use picosure or a vascular laser.

You may also try hyperpigmentation acid peel(s) to lighten the skin. 

Forehead some botox. 

I won't promise you much, 50% improvement after many treatments, scarred pores are hard to treat. Do you use tretinorin or retin-a nightly and pca gel for hyperpigmentation Amazon. 

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@beautifulambition First of all, thank you for your fast reply! It is very cool to see how many people you are helping out on here! 

Regarding your answer, I have a few more questions. I live in the Netherlands and after researching the treatments you advised I noticed that treatment options here have different namens or might be limited compared to, for example, the US. Most clinics here offer the following treatments for acne scarring:

- TCA peeling 

- CO2 laser

- Fractional mixto CO2 laser

- Fractional Erbium: glass laser (resurFX)

- Erbium: YAG laser

- Dermapen (microneedling)

- Ematrix

- Tixel

- Venus Viva 

could it be that one of the above treatments is similar to clear & brilliant / fractional 1927 Nm fullpower multipass? 

The thing thats bothering me the most are my large pores and ‘rough’ skin texture. I kind of like my freckles as they blend in with my scars/pores and make them look less prominent. 

What do you think would be best to do first? Is one of the above treatments suitable? 

I’m definitely thinking about getting Botox very soon for my forehead, but would it matter if I do treatments on there (for example laser) if I already had Botox? Or is it advisable to do that last? 

Finally, I did not really understand what you meant here: “perhaps you can let me more of what is going on since its all so mild”. Did you mean you need more pictures? 

Again, thank you very much for the help! Looking forward to your reply :-)



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