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3 weeks on regimen but doesn't seem to work.what did i missed?

Hi ive been in the regimen for 3 weeks now but i feel depressed and worried about my face, everytime i used the regimen i suffer a lot of itching and tingling sensation especially at night i couldn't sleep because of it. One night i decided to wash my face off after using the regimen so that i could sleep. Some of my acne dissapears but i see some acne coming back and having more breakouts.

I need some help. Ive watch a lot of acbe.org regimen videos in youtube but i feel doesnt work for me.

As of now i have a lot of breakouts and everytime i put b.p. everything seems bearable but when i put the moisturizer on then i feel the tingling effect and i couldn't able to avoid scratching some spots.

Is it advisable to not use the regimen during breakouts? I cried alot of this regimen because its really painful and disturbed my sleep. I wake up with bloody pillow cover. And i always changed my pillow.


And please note on my photo attached, i have kelloids too in under my jawline that also acne is sitting beside the kelloids. Very complicated.

I have a very low self eestem because of acne.

Can you help me?


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I would really suggest you go to a Dermatologist and see what you can get. I think you should see to take antibiotics to solve the problem first. Those ''pimples'' under the jawline are very strange. I don't think that BP would really work or it wouldn't as you want (free acne skin)

I know how terrible is to have acne for the self-esteem :(. But seeing a specialist is better to first know what are those pimples. 

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Thanks.. Thats why until now im still looking for best answers here. Maybe I would really need a dermatologist..

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3 weeks only and then you gave up.you really need dedication in this regimen.it is said that it will work but not fast.it was also said that the first month it is the worst because all of the pimples with break out.but if it hurts i guess you should stop and find another skin care routine.

If your gonna have skin care routine.i have gone to a dermatollogist and she gave me brands taht are different from each other so i was skeptical and threw it away.i suggest you should use one brand only because if you use different brands in routine it may give reactions on the ingredients.

Dan also answers if you message him directly in this website.i think he can help you

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Yeah thanks. I already message Dan. And told me to stop the treatment which is the bp at the moment to let the pimples calm, and only use the cleanser and moisturizer because I experience sleepless night because of irritations and sting effect.

As of now i am still on the road of recovery. And i consult to my dermatologist and gave me antibiotics and suggest to eat only vegetables and fruits .

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