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Is there any hope for my scars and skin texture?

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@HopeNew Hi there I am having trouble seeing what you are. I see more aging issues than acne scars.

Perhaps you can tell me where the scars are that bother you most. Are they around the temple? Are you talking about raised scars or pitting? Hard to tell with the picture provided, typically I need a picture with directional lighting or use a flashlight. 

If you can fill me in more on what bothers you I see several things, I can better approach what will help. 

In someone your age I would do several rounds of subcision and scultra under the cheeks, and temples for some collagen boosting. 

I agree some discoloration and some veins, so vascular laser. 

Use a cream like PCA gel for hyperpigmentation on Amazon, also tretinorin or retin-a nightly. 

Someone your age might do a deep acid peel or some fully ablative laser resurfacing. 

Many get a face lift in their 50s for tightening of the skin, lift it up at the temple and see if things look better. 



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I'm also having trouble seeing acne scars in your picture. It looks like there are barely any boxcar or icepick scars. I potentially see some rolling scars in the temples.

For age spots and pigmentation, you might consider a peel. Dr Rullan in San Diego is an expert with this.

I'm in my 30s I use tretinoin and azelaic acid to manage hyperpigmentation. I got this formulated for me from Curology. I also use a moisturizer with 5% niacinamide.

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Thanks guys for your responses. I did have the photos taken down so you responded before they were taken down I guess.

I am going to get some subcisions done again around my temple and cheek. I did have an excision done.

I'm neurotic about my skin... neurotic! I guess that's what my body acne did to me. I'm glad you don't see my skin as badly as I do. 

I do want to look better and will take your suggestions into account and move forward with them.

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