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For my last post here id like to make it entertaining...

Firstly Gather your materials...

-Capri Sun (I prefer the Big Capri Suns because im a Big Kid)



Step 1

Take Capri Sun from cold fridge and place in hand.

user posted image

Step 2

Tear straw off of the capri sun, like so.

user posted image

Step 3

Tear Straw wrapping off, i prefer using my teeth or banging it against my thigh. ( yeah i know im ugly)

user posted image

Step 4

Find the hole to the straws home.

user posted image

Step 5

Place sharp end of straw into the straws home.

user posted image

Step 6

Place in mouth and enjoy!

-If you pull this trick i guarantee you will be cool at school. I grade this a C for cool.

user posted image

Well yes, enjoy the boars with a yupp free post now.

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dude she would too lol........i love sams club, reminds me of the day i went out and bought that care bear, thats when the story gets sad sad.gif

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yuckkkkkkkkkk but ill take the pizza tongue.gif

chicken nuggets from where? shoulda went with buffalo wings, and why did we thread jack my own thread within 5 posts...dude elsa we are the thread jacking team we cant do it to our own posts lol

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lol, good use ofpicture. But why was yupp banned? Man all this stuff happeneing this week, just before christmas



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