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Treatment frequency for best result?

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I did a treatment with rullan (cross/subcision/microneedling) mid november and wonder when I should do my next treatment.

After reading a lot of research paper, it seems like they are spacing out the cross/subcision every 4 weeks. Are there any disadvantages of waiting to do the treatments (eg. every 6 months)? 

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@gynoscar JohnMarston is right. 3 months apart at least. The body is extremely slow to heal. Research papers say 3 months apart and some even say 6. Why do you think they make you heal for 6 months when your off Accutane, they want the skin to regenerate going through various layers of reepithelialization.  You realize over treating or treating too often will not make the body heal properly and stop collagen production. Histology or growth of the skin proves this time is optimal. 

So your going to ask me why do Dr's say treat every 4 weeks or try to get you in for another appointment. A few reasons... They want to make as much money as soon as possible, you have constant swelling at 4 weeks so they can continue the need on for more treatments that are needed. The patient cannot notice how they heal or anything they want addressed. Some do not have the time to properly heal and instead take a shot gun approach where mistakes are made and things missed, but that is expected when they travel to Dr's from far off places. The Dr wants to treat you as much as possible while you have "time." We know from laser, peels, cross, and sub that healing can take months, even if the surface of the skin has had reepithelialization or closing of the skin. 


Now to address the 6 months part. There is no worry to treat once a year if that is all you have time for. I have people who can only afford one or two things a year, or filler once, and that is fine. Just know treatment is cumulative after many procedures. Rullan is good but he does not do energy devices I often tell people to do that elsewhere nearby them at a Derm or Med Spa, and filler must be done when swelling subcisdes a few weeks after and as such go get filled locally by a expert injector, nurse, derm, or plastic. Treat when you have time.

You can microneedling or derminator at home between treatments and even do some basic glycolic peels yourself. But Dr's based treatments at least 3 months apart. 

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