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At a totally loss with hormonal acne. Blood work says hormones normal. Please help!!!

Im gonna keep my back story short, been suffering acne since 13, im 22 now and its just getting worse. In almost 10 years there has not been a single day where I haven't had a spot on my face. The mental effects of this are really starting to effect my day to day and depression is getting worse. In the last year I have tried...

Vitex - didnt improve after 4 months and gave me awful depression and panic attacks. 

L-lysine - didnt effect acne

Burdock root - didnt effect acne

Dandelion - didnt effect acne

Nettle tea - no noticeable changes

Estroblock - made acne worse then back to how it normally looks plus expensive

No milk/cheese - took acne from servere to moderate but still looks awful

Clean diet - no noticeable changes

Vegan diet - made acne worse

No sugar - helps alot but constantly restricting is having a bad impact on my mental health

Perfectsil skin plus - no noticeable changes

Omega 3 fish oil - made acne worse

Plus a shit ton of skin care products that never make a difference to my face anyway.

My current routine is -

Vitamin D, Saw palmetto, myo-inositil & the nettle tea as was convinced I had pcos as my periods are irregular, the acne is stubbon, cystic and get worse during ovulation and before my period, i have excess facial and body hair and my mood swings are getting worse plus my hair is falling out by the hand full . I got blood work done last week and the doctors are saying all tests come back as normal. Im at a totally loss and dont know where to go or what to do from here. I have attached photos of my results as i refused to not have them for myself to look over but not a clue what they mean. Please anyones advice / guidance / expertise would be greatly appreciated. I cant stop crying and dont know where to go from here but I cant go on feeling this way.



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Hi. I also have hormonal acne. My blood tests also came back normal, but my dermatologist said that some women's bodies are so super sensitive to their own hormones that your body "thinks" it's getting too much. So you break out. My dermatologist prescribed spironolactone to block this from happening.  I just started ut 3 weeks ago and it takes 3 months to work so I'm trying to be patient.  From everything I've read, many dermatologists use this drug as a lice saver for women suffering with hormonal acne as it usually has no side effects and you can stay on it for a long time.

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Hi love,

My heart goes out to you...hang in there. I know how emotionally painful and frustrating adult acne is.

I too struggled with stubborn adult acne. My miracle product was Unblemish by Rodan+Fields. It completely transformed my skin. Maybe it could help you as well?


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Hi it seems like your diet really effects your acne, just like mine. I was able to clear my skin while still allowing myself to eat good but clean foods. Message me if you want some tips. Trust me I went through it all, all the topicals and diets. It was so hard to stick to. But I found a way to stick to one that still gives me energy, does not make me feel low or sad about missing out on other foods. I can give you step by step instructions on how to eat well and get better skin each day.

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