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3 vital methods for treating Sebhorrehic dermititis

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Hello I am a new member, long time lurker of this expansive community. I used to suffer from mild acne that turned moderate and then it peaked at severe cystic acne. I treated and "cured" the cystic acne with an unconventional method called "cave man regimen" Yes this new method worked by allowing the cystic inflammation to heal, but I believe not washing my face for an extended period of time brought about a whole new issue that I have never experienced before: Seborrheic Dermititis. The people that commend the cave man regimen call it the "dry skin mask". But I believe that is sugar coating an actual medical issue that must be addressed. So, how did I go about addressing this? After a month of not washing my face built up quite a bit of dead skin. I was unaware that this was actually a whole neither skin ailment all together, so I tried to ignore it(as hard as that was). It was becoming a real issue: itchiness, uncomfortable tightness and dryness. But I was mainly concerned about the aesthetic side of it. All of that dead skin build up looked unnatural, unhealthy and just plain nasty, so I decided enough was enough and started to wash again. This "water only" method was NOT working. In fact, it seemed like it would worsen the condition after each wash. I will spare you the extensive trial and error of my experience and get right to what I'm doing today to treat sebhorrehic dermititis and keep my skin clear and flake free. 1. AVOID DAIRY PRODUCTS. Cutting out dairy was a vital step in clearing my skin of cystic acne and just so happens to have a strong correlation with sebhorrehic dermititis. Ingesting dairy causes a rise in sebum production that the fungus, pityrosporum, responsible for sebhorrehic dermititis feeds on. There is also an involvement with excessive amounts of yeast on the skin that plays a roll. Cutting out dairy should provide relief from the inflammation and scaling, but not to a satisfactory level. That's when you have to upgrade your arsenal and apply use 2. HEAD AND SHOULDERS ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO to wash your face once every other day. Yes you heard me right, squeeze I dime size amount of the stuff in your hands and lather your whole face with some Luke warm water. Head and shoulders shampoo contains pyrithione zinc, the active ingredient responsible for killing the fungus that causes Seborrheic dermatitis. Alternatively, you can try to find a medicated soap that contains pyrithione zinc. That should cause significant improvement but wont yield perfect results, so now it's time to bring in the big guns: 3. TEA TREE OIL is an essential oil by the name of Malaleuca alternifoila that has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties with a wide range if medical applications. What I do is purchase 100 percent concentrated pure Tea Tree oil and dilute it 1 to 10 parts cetaphil moisturizer and apply to the face after I wash with the head and shoulders. Sometimes I'll drip a couple drops on to a rag and thoroughly rinse the rage before washing my face with it. It's easy to smell how concentrated it is on the rag and you want to make sure the scent is not overpowering because it is toxic in high amounts and will cause irritation, so you must find that sweet spot between not overpowering while not too weak. Using those 3 steps in that exact method has given me rapid improvement in the course of a week to the point where there's no flakes on my face. Go ahead and give this a try if you suffer from Sebhorrehic dermititis or even acne and make sure to comment your results or give me feedback on this clear skin regimen. Thank you so much for giving me your time and attention and I hope that you can see results by using the method described above. Take it easy friends and I hope to hear back from you all soon, cheers!

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