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Post-Pill/new IUD Acne

Hi Everyone,

I've always had finicky skin and struggled with acne for most of my teenage/adult life, I am now 30. I was prescribed Tri-Cyclen and have been on those birth control pills for over 10 years. During this time I have also been on a course of accutane to help with persistent acne (not cystic in nature but persistent). Recently I had the best skin I have had in my entire life thanks to a solid skin care routine and regular peels. Silly me, I was talking with my GP and friends and decided that since I have been on the pill for so long, an IUD might be a better option.

BIG mistake - almost immediately after going off the pill and having the IUD inserted my skin has gone crazy and i am experiencing breakouts all over my face as well as my back. They are the smaller,  comedones and clogged pores and the texture of my skin has completely changed.

I have been waiting to get in to see my dermatologist and have been doing everything I can think of to keep the acne under control (diet, spearmint tea, not wearing makeup) but it is really not working. I see her tomorrow and am really unsure about what she will recommend and what I am willing to do. Historically any topicals have not been a consistent fix (i have been applying an old low dose of retinA to see if that will help with the skin and it isn't).

Does anyone have experience with this issue? Part of me does NOT want to get the IUD removed and back on the pill as I already have my body adjusting to the 'new' hormones (and i have been on the pill for so long). I'd rather try a course of accutane to see if it would be a long term solution. OR, I am open to going back on the pill but worried about more hormonal issues....

This is all further complicated by a wedding date in a year that I really would like nice skin for...

Any advice?

Thank you!


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