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Does scars get worse then better when microneedling?

Hi I have had three sessions of microneedling (with a dermapen device) so far and I have definitely seen improvement in my atrophic scars.

but what’s confusing me is that soon after the microneedling sessions, the scars seem to be worse. The atrophic scars look to be deeper and wider, then in the next few weeks they get better than there were after the previous microbeedling session.

any insight? Is this how collagen remodelling works? 

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If you have sensitive skin or do not heal well, do not do microneedling, ...why: it can create more scars. Now does the body in a slow healer take time to heal, the answer is yes. It can look worse before better.   If you saw immediate improvement that is swelling after microneedling which lasts several weeks. They are probably worse because think about it you may be too agressive or smashing the skin hard, ... only you would know. With any wound it takes time to heal. Needling can take 6 weeks and for some 2-3 months of healing. Deeper and wider are because your opening up large pores, and stamping the area. If you do not recover from microneedling well, then your not a good candidate, as such please goto a board certified Dr for treatment. All that is needed is .75mm to 1.5mm in length not overly deep or hard sessions. Yes collagen remodeling is very slow and cascades from wounding, but you would know best how you heal. Watch your skin over the next few weeks. Retin-a/differin/ ore tretinorin treatment nightly for cell turnover. Sunscreen.


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