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I'm using both Tretinoin 0.05 and Adapalene for hyperpigmentation. When will my face start purging?

My dermatologist prescribed me to use both Tretinoin 0.1 (but accidentally bought 0.05) and Adapalene with 1% Clindamycin, I have been using Tret for more than two weeks and  Adapalene for 6 days. I have heard that both topicals cause major purging, so far I have only one pimple on my left cheek and a few small closed comedones. I'm just afraid that the purging might start once I hit week 2 of using Adapalene since week 2 is usually when the purging really starts. I have an oily face and a lot of dark spots but no major acne problem. I only get pimples a week before or during my period.

Here is my routine:

AM: Anti Acne facial wash - toner - vitamin c serum - adapalene - azaleic acid with salicylic acid cream - sunblock

PM: Micellar water to remove my make up - anti acne facial wash - toner f vitamin c serum - azaleic acid with salicylic acid cream - tretinoin - moisturizer

Should I stick with this routine or should I change it up? Also, should I stick with Tret 0.05 or switch to 0.1?

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