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Due to start accutane for a third round but worried culminative dose will be too low?

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Hi all

Female weighing 62kgs here! As I understand, if we go by 120mg/kg guidelines, my ideal culmulative dose is 7440.

I went on a 4 month course in 2010 - I can’t remember my culmulative dose but given that I spent a few months on 20mg before going up to 40mg, it can’t have been that high.

Went on another 4 month course in 2015 - luckily I kept a blog on here so I can tell you for sure that my cumulative dose was 6660 (one month 40mg, rest 60mg)

My acne has returned, and I’ve been to see a private dermatologist who has suggested 40mg for 4 months. This would be a culmulative dose of just 4800 so obviously I’m massively concerned this won’t be enough!

I did mention to derm who said previous number of courses/relapse shouldn’t influence dose of next course. This is confusing because my second round accutane derm said she was starting me on 40 and upping to 60 specifically because she wanted my dose to be higher than it was my first time round. Whereas my new derm said my body clearly “hadn’t had enough” accutane yet and is confident that another period on the medication should see me right - she didn’t seem particularly bothered about what that dose is.

What are peoples thoughts? I don’t want to relapse again after this!

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