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isotretinoin Experience so far

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Hey everyone, 

So 4 weeks ago I began to take isotretinoin after going through every pathway to fix my skin. My acne never been really bad, but has at sometimes really flared up. I'm going to be taking it for around 15 weeks so I'm only 1 quarter through it all. I was hoping a few people can get back to me on their experiences on it and if it is really worth it carrying on. The side effects are pretty tough but I am willing to take it if it will be worth it in the long run. I've attached some photos for you to see my acne so far. 



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Yeah I've read a lot of people experiences and a lot of people mentioned mentally how challenging it was. At the moment, I feel fine, just the physical side effects I am struggling with but willing to carrying on if it clears up. 

How many weeks in did you begin to notice your sisters skin becoming much clearer, if you don't mind me asking? :) 

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I went on actuate when I was 19 (now I'm 29). After accutane, I still got acne for 5-6 years later. Acne only stopped once I stopped drying out my skin and used the correct regimen. I no longer have acne, I don't remember the last time I got a deep pimple. I break out every three months maybe with a little white head, if that. message me if you want to know how to get rid of acne permanently. The issue is you have dead, dry skin layers sitting your face and need to be shed. It's not the oil factor. The oil mixes with your dead skin, causing acne. it's the DEAD SKIN BUILD UP. YOUR OIL IS NATURALLY ACIDIC THAT ACTUALLY KILLS ACNE. You just have piles of dead skin cells that aren't desquamating effectively. The keratin sticks and doesn't shed, which mixes with oil-bam acne. How to stop dead, dry skin build up? message me.

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Hey everyone, 

So almost five weeks down the line I have seen considerable amount of progress. My skin hasn't become as oily as much as did in the past and the amount of spots have reduced dramatically. I've been on isotretinoin 20mg tablets (twice a day) since mid-December, at first I didn't see any improvement and actually got worse. It began to improve but then got worse again. I've only really suffered from one of the side effects and that's dry lips. Vaseline has been a lifesaver in helping this. 

Alongside this I started to use slightly different cleansers and moisturisers. They're both from Cetaphil. I will provide links below so you can check it out. In the past, I probably over cleansed my skin which at the time I thought was a good idea, however, really it was doing more damage. So I only cleanse once a day, usually in the evening as I usually go to the gym in the evening. Also, in the past I've been apply moisturiser to my face when its dry, thanks to help from people on here, I've been told to apply to a damp face which has helped considerably! 

My face isn't perfect but I am so happy with the outcome so far with a few weeks left on the treatment. I would recommended people to do it as long as youre aware of the possible effects and youre open to managing them. 

If anyone has any questions, I will be happy to help :)






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