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I have been diagnosed with perioral dermatitus, it started off with having a swollen looking red area below my bottom lip which then started becoming dry, I used nivea cream on it which seemed to flare it, it then broke into little red bumps, then my top lip had a red bump and that broke into little red bumps, looking back I noticed triggers, eating spicey food, being in extreme weather conditions such as the hot sun and strong wind, chlorine from the pool, I dont drink alcohol at all and have never used any steroid medications in any form, I didnt put anything on it to try treat it myself I was terrified of it spreading further because it changed daily even hourly, but I did change my diet, I cut out processed junk food, white bread and pasta, fizzy colddrink, and any sweets and I've tried to stick to brown whole wheat bread and fruits and vegetables, I decided to see a dermatologist and I have been prescribed protopic and tetralysal, the protopic is causing it to be itchy but seems to stop the redness and I will keep you updated on what the tetralysal does. I have never trusted medication and always been as natural as can be but when you've always had clear healthy skin and you see type of rash forming and forming fast that's when you start to turn to modern medicine, I waited about two months to go to the dermatologist. 


Please can someone share their story with me and give me advise on how they cured their perioral dermatitus? 

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