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Trick for Scarring induced psych problems...

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I thought I would share this tip as it has greatly helped me become more confident and happy with myself. 


STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR! Or rather, stop looking in certain mirrors. Hear me out. Many mirrors are in bathrooms or other places that have harsh overhead lighting that makes your scars look 10x worse than people see in reality. The solution to this I found it to buy a mirror and place it in natural lighting, near a window, or glass door, or anything where the lighting is natural rather than superficial and harsh. This way you will see you scars the way other people see them rather than in horrid lighting where no one sees you.


If you want to look at your scars in certain lighting, take pictures, save them on your phone or computer and then if you must, look at the pictures. But never look at yourself in person under harsh lighting, even people without acne scars look bad under this lighting, so don't be so hard on yourselves.


Good luck :) 

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 glad I found this post :/ I mirror check like 50 times a day and I go outside and find the worse lighting...i feel like I am mentally abusing myself by doing this... my husband knows I do this and for some reason I just can't stop ... ugh I wish there was a cure to this or something to improve it...i look okay in some lights but in certain ones I look disfigured even the ones I posted on this site doesn't show how bad they really are... Sorry it just helps to vent... Just so over this

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