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Affordable Homeopathic Pills for Acne: Boiron Brand

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Homeopathic Meds for Acne and Boils:

Over the course of my life I’ve tried just about everything under the sun to help control my acne... from Acutane... tetracycline... Minocycline... Finacea... Proactive... Acne.org products... Chinese Herbs... essential oils... bentonite clay... to eating a clean, low sugar, processed food free diet...niacminadide + zinc... lactic acidosis... diy home remedies like slathering my face daily with fresh aloe gel... and even VERY expensive laser treatments. 


I just turned 40 and felt like I had finally gotten my acne under control and my skin care regimen down over the last several years... with the occasional flare up every now and then that I could easily manage with some tea treat oil and overnight-bentonite clay.


But a few weeks ago I had a MAJOR out break with new ones coming up everyday. All my usual go to fixes did very little to help. Even Acne.org products did very little to help. Not wanting to unnecessarily get back on harsh medications... I tried a homeopathic remedy I bought from a Sprouts, a local health food store. It’s made by a company called Boiron and the it’s called Calcaria Sulphurica. 


This stuff was nothing short of magic. I put 5 little pills to dissolve under my tongue and within less than an hour I could feel the angry inflamed nodules begin to subside.


I was skeptical it would work... but I was desperate... and figured if nothing else, it couldn’t hurt. To my amazement it’s been working better than anything else I’ve tried thus far. 


I wish i knew knew about this still 25 years ago. So I’m telling you about it now. Let me know if you try it and how it works for you.

I wish you all the best in your skin care journey. 

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