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Please save yourself, Do not Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

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Dear readers,


Please do not do this procedure. It makes you skin look fake. It gives you that fake skin plastic look. It is the biggest regret of my life. It makes you less hot and more average looking. I regret it every day. I can never get my old skin back. My life sucks because of it. It’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. 

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@baboonmute thank you for your post. I agree to disagree. Fraxel comes in 3 wavelengths - I assume you are talking about the Re:Pair - namely the big guns of the Fraxel family. This forum has one of the highest standing in the community due to hard working men and women like BA. This forum is designed as a place for constructive criticism and intellectual debate and provides hope in this cruel world of marketing, hype and confusion. It is not the realm of subjective hatred nor unfounded accusations. The non-ablative wavelength namely the 1927 and the 1550 are quite banal. In fact some experts even say the Thulium driven 1927 is a revelation in the context of skin rejuvenation, pore sizing and also sun damage. The 1550 is more or less another non ablative wavelength useful for early acne scars. (In fact any energy source -even mechanical can help early scars!!!!!)

I do agree that the Co2 wavelength designed in the way its meant to be delivered (pulse stacking) is the less the ideal laser - again in the context of acne scarring. 3 major problems as covered. 1. The cost of the tip- this gets passed to the patient. No other company has this. Pure greed from Fraxel   2. The method of delivery- 90 degree cross hatching means pulse stacking - again not ideal as too much bulk heating. This problem accounts for your regret and less than 'hot look' (no pun intended). Getting your old skin back maybe achievable - there are many ways to repair Fraxel 'damaged skin'. Paradoxically the answer lies in the other wavelengths, should you want ownership of your life back. Like the gun debate where ' guns don't kill people, people kill people', if I can use this intellectual comment to highlight your malevolent overtones and throw this curve ball back ' Fraxel did not give your skin a fake look (compared to a 'original look'), nor did it give you your less 'average look' (that came from the DNA), it is the overconfident, possibly undereducated, overrated, and ill-informed doctor, or even worse (horrid) laser operator brain washed with marketing hype and bravado that dialled in the settings and unfortunately gave you an adverse reaction. Who is to blame? Not you for one - its confusing enough as it is to understand the aetiology of acne, but to understand physics of laser delivery and the tissue reaction ? Heck, if laser Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologist find it confusing it not your fault (Goodwill Hunting), its not your fault. 

If we are to BLAME someone, I think it would be both the laser operators and the R and D team at Fraxel- both parties SHOULD know of the potential side effects. From the video below I can see that there are ways to override the laser, but heck, how are others supposed to know. So @baboonmute I do indeed agree that Fraxel CO2 is less than ideal, there is an inherent flaw BOTH in the delivery of the laser energy and the lack of education/ aggressive marketing by Fraxel to the providers and gatekeepers of a potentially devastating piece of equipment. I applaud you in addressing this topic. For all who received a good outcome with RePair, yes, it can deliver good outcomes IN THE CORRECT CONTEXT - even with on label protocols. Lasers are like any other electronic device, they have their hey day, but the show must go on... 





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