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I need advice regarding my acne and SD

So I’ve first dealt with cystic acne in January 2017 and started using products and experimenting which made it worse. After few months I stopped using all products except for a cetaphil moisturiser and noticed breakouts reduced significantly and I would only get 1-2 pustules every 2 months this happened for a year. 

Around March 2018 my skin was just amazing I wasn’t getting any breakouts whatsoever and my skin was clear all throughout spring till end November 2018. Before the Christmas period I was under a lot of stress struggling to sleep and a week later I had an aggressive  breakout like never before they were all big cysts plus the uk weather is awful and there’s no sunlight. During all of this i had a flare up of seborrhoicc dermatitis around my nose, I started doing research and realised I may have vitamin d deficiency and that may have been why my skin was good for the last 9 months. My skin always improves during summer, so I’ve been taking 4000iu and haven’t broken out since. There must be a correlation between having SD and cystic acne 

But now I’m worried as my cysts have calmed down I noticed I could see slight dents inside of them everyone in my family is saying am being paranoid and it’s fine but I would like some advice from people on here

is my acne hormonal will? Will my acne leave scars? If they come back should I ask for accutane? Please help me as I’m having an anxiety attack. 

*i have one scar already from last year I’m asking about the red pigmented marks 

this photos are two weeks apart 




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