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Acne or Malassezia HELP!!!!!

Im wondering if anyone can help. 

I have been suffering with spots for about 5 years now & have tried benzoyl peroxide, Duac Gel, and different contraceptions. 

I initially thought my spots where from contraception and I had many side effects from them, I was always chopping and changing every 3-6 months. For the past 8 months I haven’t been on any contraception at all. 

However I am still suffering with spots. I have lots of small bumps on my forehead and the last year have spread to my left cheek. 

I get whiteheads, have some blackheads and alot of the time my spots are filled with spots and will scab. I used to pick them leaving scaring, they still seem to scar or not heal properly even if I don’t completely pick or pop them.

My doctor recently gave Isotrexin but I am reluctant to take it because I don’t think I can deal with the purge stage at the moment.

I tried lymecycline once before and was given it by doctor recently with Duac Gel. I have been using lymecycline for two weeks and have used dual gel once. I woke up the next day with red spots all on my forehead. 

I have been doing tones of research and I am starting to think I have Malassezia, which if I do I will need to stop taking the antibiotics and disc gel. 

My doctors has no knowledge on Malassezia it seems and I am seein a dermatologist but I know it’s hard to get them to test skin.

I have been doing this regime for about 2 weeks 

Morning: Water & Cetaphil Face Moisturiser with SPF

Evening: Black Soap & Jojoba oil

I have also been using saylic acid to my face for 10 minutes and washing it off every other day - this is bringing my whiteheads to the surface (good or bad?)

It’s so hard to know what is the root cause I have cut back on all sugar and drink 2L of water every day. 

I am really starting to give up!!! 

Any one know if this is acne or Malessezia?????





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