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Vitiligo & The Regimen

Was curious if anyone else who has vitiligo has noticed an increase in depigmentation and may think it is attributable to benzoyl peroxide use? I never had random vitligo depigmentation spots appear on my face aside from the small cluster i have on my chin, until I started using the regimen. What would be the biomechanical explanation if this is even possible at all. I would like to know because i am thinking of switching back to retin-a but really don’t want to because the regimen manages my acne better. Thanks for your time.

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My son has vitiligo and he does not have acne, but he does have depigmentation to adhesive. Those reactions are temporary lasting 6 to 12 months.  Hopefully yours is also temporary.

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To adhesive? I actually got my vitiligo initially as a stress rection to a major injury i suffered as a child. I was loading a pellet gun at 10 years old and while cranking the barrel the gun went off and the pellet went into my chin, shattered and traveled through my cheek. I removed most of the pellet through surgery but within a couple weeks i had a small white spot on the opposite side of my chin to where the pellet entered. I have barely had any spreading but as of lately (the past year or two) since i have been using benzoyl peroxide i have seen my vitiligo spots spread and show up in other spots on my face. My life certainly has gotten more stressful as i have aged but i find it strange that this occured the way it has recently, still curious about the link. I have read on some websites that benzoyl peroxide can be a trigger but i am not aware of their level of credibility. I figured there must be more users of BP on here than any other forum in the world. Thanks for your response! :)

Also, i am 27, so i have had vitiligo for 17 years, unfortunately I don’t think my own is temporary. I have seen many dermatologists about it but they seem to all have the same regurgitated text book answers to my medical questions about acne and vitiligo which frankly frustrates me. They all claim dairy and cocoa based products have no connection to acne and that vitiligo cannot be repigmented or mitigated in any meaningful way through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I have found some especially exciting news on youtube of people repigmenting their vitiligo. His youtube username is (Vitiligo Treatment Alansari protocol) if you’d like to check it out. 

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