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6 treatments TCA Cross no results

When you do TCA cross, are you supposed to hold the toothpick in the scar for a few seconds?

I've done 6 treatments with a reputable doctor with no results, and I was wondering if his technique was off. 100% TCA, no differences in even the smallest icepicks. I might add that I never scab afterwards if thats of any relevance, as I thought the point of treatment was to induce scabbing. 

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I have done TCA Cross about 2 weeks ago and I know it is little too early to tell the improvement already but after the treatment, scab did not really form for me as well.

I mean I am pretty sure it is because I moisturized way too much that I did not allow scabs to be form completely. What I mean by completely is that the scabs should be hard form of scab but I applied too much cream that the scabs rather became jellish and looked like just another skin layer on top of the skin. Plus, even after the scabs fell, the treated scars were not even red and did not seem to be treated at all. They literally look the same as before the treatment (I compared the pictures with very similar angles).

I realized that the point of the TCA Cross is literally inducing scabs like you said. 

3 months before my TCA Cross treatment, my Dr has done the test-treatment for few spots and that time I did not moisturze at all and the hard scab was fully formed. It took much longer for the scabs to fall and after the scabs are gone the treated spot stayed very very red for a long time. Now, this test treated spot is improved around 10~20% in depth but got certainly wider. 

I still hope that my treated scars would heal as it has been only 2 weeks after the treatment, but I sadly feel that there will not be any more healing.. it is just way too different than what I experienced from the test treatment and I was told from Doctors in realself that after the TCA Cross, for dark Asian skins, there will will redness going on for at least 1-2 months (and it actually did for me after the test treatment 3 months ago), but this time, my treated spots are literally not even red. 


My questions is

- What was your wait time between each treatment? 

- Did you moisturize a lot?

I mean... if your Doctor used 100% TCA, there must be scabbing going on.. and NO to your question. I think the TCA could be just applied and layered to the scar floor and it should be good I think. 



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Which reputable doctor?

Why do six treatments if the first 2-3 do not work. What did this reputable doctor say? I'm really sorry to hear about the ineffective results. What kind of scars do you have? Maybe TCA cross isn't what you need. TCA cross works ideally for ice picks. 

Very hard to tell without a picture. I hope all is okay.

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See below the video. Perhaps the acid they used was bad, not 100%, or they did not use acetone to properly clean your skin.

Some people do not get scabbing, just some PIE and a few months to heal. But 6 sessions with no improvement. IT's supposed to make your scar beds raise and the scar to  get wider, which is then resurfaced with a peel or laser. Dr Weiner is in Florida below FYI, I see your in NYC. 

50% TCA cross experiment - Scar treatments - by pizzicato ...

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I've done 80% TCA CROSS treatments, and the scabs usually form within 3-4 days. I have ethnic skin, so I end up with hyperpigmentation for 1+ month and the scabs take up to 4 weeks to falls off. I've seen improvement each time as the ice pick and boxcar scars have been lifted. I'd ask for your money back, because I highly doubt the doctor used 100% TCA if you got no scabs or any type of hyperpigmentations/inflammation. 

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