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Mometasone gone wrong

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Hello and I hope you have a good day. I need your help, please! 

I’m trying to make my story very short and I hope you bare with me.

so, it all started 7 months ago , when I went from a perfect-never had a problem - skin to small bumps on my forehead, I thought folliculitis, but no , my derm put me on Tetralysal ( lymecicline) for 2 months. My skin went perfect again

. After 2 months it reapeared, now worse, I knew something was wrong, but what the hell, I took them again for 2 months, and this time they started reappearing with the treatment as well. I went to another doctor , he said that it’s excess oil , gave me something didn’t work, went back to him, gave me Differin , didn’t work ( nobody listened to me, but I still took what they gave me) .

after all of this , after 7 months of going on and of off meds, i stopped it all and I went vegan as well( I realized I was eating as shit and my immune system was already down because of the antibiotic). 

That was 3 weeks ago. 

I said I wanted to become the healthiest person alive, no doctors no medicine, only food medicine, but my mom took me with her at her family doctor and he told me that I had sebboreic something and he gave me Nizoral to wash my face with, and a steroid cream containing mometasone named Elocon. He told me to use it for 2 weeks. Mind u , my face looked clear from afar, up close there were this little no colored bumbs on my forehead and around my mouth a little bit.

so after one week of using this Elocon cream, my face had an outbreak, I have never seen anything like this on my face, my face is red and I have like 15 big pimples on it, I’ve been crying for the last 3 days , and the thing is the pimples keep coming. Now my last resort is to buy Cbd oil to try it, i know it has to work. 

But i don’t know if something had this happen to them , when does it stop , what do I do , do you have any suggestions ? 

Thank you very much for taking your time to read , have a nice nice day !!!

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