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My Detox Secrets for Clear Skin

My Detox Secrets for Clear Skin


My Struggle with Skin Problems

I used to suffer from cystic acne with countless visits to dermatologists. The doctors gave me different creams, such as Retin-A, and antibiotics. All these medications did not work well, and my doctor eventually recommended me to use Accutane. And you know how dangerous this medication is, especially for pregnant women. I wanted to heal my body from within.

I read different online articles talking about how parasites and toxins in our body lead to acne problems. The sugar in cakes, candies, pancakes and other junk food feeds off the parasites in our body. The overgrowth of parasites, such as bacteria and yeast, releases tons of toxins that break our skin out. Over the last several years, I tried many different organic lotions and herbs to cleanse my body and formed my own regimen that works! I would like to share with you what I do to detox my body and 100% clear my skin.

My Regimen:


In the morning, I drink a glass of lemon juice with apple cider vinegar (ACV). It is important to know that the apple cider vinegar that I use has a “mother” on the bottle. It has “good bacteria” that help keep our gut healthy. Both lemon juice and ACV alkalinize our body (i.e. increasing body pH), killing all “bad bacteria” that cause skin problems. Besides lemon and ACV, I also add a small amount of liquid chlorophyll. It is known that chlorophyll is a strong detoxifying agent that reduces our body odors. Since this juice is quite sour, I add some Stevia to make it more palatable. Seriously, I have not used deodorant for many years since taking chlorophyll.

After drinking this powerful detox juice, I will either eat a light fruit breakfast or drink a glass of almond milk. By the way, I am a vegan. So I do not eat eggs, bacon, sausages or any animal products for breakfast. My diet is entirely plant-based and oil-free.

Face Wash

For my face wash routine, I prepare a spray bottle with 50% water and 50% organic apple cider vinegar and spray this solution on my face. You can dilute it more if it is too strong for you. After the spray, I rinse with distilled water. The secret for my clear skin is to use Calendula cream after the face wash with sunblock. Calendula is anti-bacterial and soothing to our skin. I feel so great after applying this lotion.


Afternoon Ritual

I read a lot of articles about the benefits of drinking green tea. It has tons of antioxidants that slow down the aging process and brighten our skin. It may explain why Japanese people, most of them drink green tea daily, have a longer lifespan. In each morning, I prepare a bottle of hot matcha green tea and bring it to work. I sip the tea throughout the afternoon. Since it has some caffeine in the tea, it helps me stay sharp during work.


Night Ritual

To address the overgrowth of bacteria and yeast in my body, I take both Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf Extract before bed. Based on previous research,. both herbs can kill all bad microorganisms and promote the growth of good bacteria in our gut and other parts of our body. When I started using herbs, I experienced a strong Herxheimer reaction with fatigue, indicating that the bugs were being killed in my body. The reaction disappeared after three weeks and I felt a lot better than before. My skin was much more clear and my energy level increased significantly. Besides Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf Extract, I take some lysine that has strong anti-viral properties. I literally attack bad bacteria, yeast, and virus at the same time. It is a holistic way to detox my body without using Western medicine. My skin is now 100% clear. Another benefit of taking these herbs is that my immune system becomes very strong. I have fallen ill for a long time.


Final Words

I believe that my regimen described above works so well because I only eat fruit, vegetable, and no cooking oil. It also involves a high level of self-discipline to resist any temptation to eat junk food and patience as it takes time to completely cleanse my body. I am so happy that I don’t suffer from acne anymore. Hope my experience and products that I share here can help you acne-free also.

For more details about the products that I use, please feel free to visit my blog

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