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Scars on nose

Hi! Don't know if anyone has any idea what to do with scars on nose. I had one purple patched pimple on my nose in May. When it's gone, it left a linear scar and the surrounding area a bit sunken as well. The derm performed TCA cross on it for four times, and it's now close to 6 weeks after the fourth TCA, it has flattened a lot but the skin still looks sunken and somewhat thinner than the surrounding skin. I know it will probably continue to improve in the next few weeks. But I would like to know what's the next step I could do? Shall I consider using laser to smooth things out or microneedling?

Also, I have quite a lot of hypertrophic scars on the side of the nose, Seems to be caused by persistent red inflammation in the past. Did electro-cauterization in the past, didn't think it helped. In fact, it made the texture worse. I would like to know if there's anything that will help with it. Thanks!




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We get this quite often especially with Asians. 

For the hypertrophic scars. Get dilute steriod injections done.

For the pit, I don't know the age, it still could be healing. Have your tried the basics like dermastamping it and using a retin-a/dfferin/tretinorin on it for a bit and see if it heals? IF it's fresh you can also use a silicone scar patch during the day, and the dream above at night. Wash off the cream before applying. The silicone patch might be worth trying on your hypertriophic spots also pre- steriod injection as it can help with this as well. 

If not a dr can do subcision, ... some will place filler under the depression - pit, and do some laser to resurface it. 


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Thanks for the reply @beautifulambition.

The linear one about 8 months old, the pit is very recent, from a blackhead falling off. As for the hypertrophic scar, I asked the derm (Dr Chu in London), he said that it was too small to be injected with steroids. I'm not sure if he was aware of dilute steroids injection or he was talking about it from past experience though.

I might start with dermastamping, once the redness is gone.

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Goto Dr Emil in Denmark, Cheap Ryain Air flight. 


Try the at home things above, then consider a Dr. 


Yah Chu is conservative and would not do it if he felt it was not bad enough. Great Dr but he is conservative. 

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