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Can You Get a Nose Piercing on Accutane?

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Currently on 20mg of Accutane (3weeks in) and going on to 30mg in the next fortnight. And staying on that for about a month. 

Was wondering if it is a good idea to get my nose pierced, or if I should just leave it for when I am off of Accutane

thanks :)

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it is recommended not to as the skin thins and it can cause slow wound healing. It is recommended for things like tattoos, laser, piercing etc... about 4-6 months after your course is over. Good Luck 

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Safest answer is no. Now, if it's a small gauge, and it's on the side of the nose, maybe you could get away with it with proper care. I definitely wouldn't try getting a septum done while on accutane though. Septum healing is a bitch, and I would assume it would be even tougher to heal while on accutane.

This being said, if you show up to your derm with a newly done piercing, he/she surely won't like it. I was gonna ask mine if it would be okay to get a new tattoo on my arm, but I've just started to see some peeling on my hands and arms this week (I'm on week 6)... So yeah, I think I know what her answer would be.

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