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papers on the collagen remodeling process

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Does anyone have good references for the collagen remodeling process, specifically, timelines?

I know we are advised to wait 3 months between treatments here while doctors routinely advise multiple treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. I understand they make a lot more money this way. But are there some charts or graphs showing how much healing takes place within the first two vs three months, something like that? I've heard of one woman who continued to improve an entire year out but I don't know the specifics.

I have also heard that the first two weeks are the most critical, especially with regards to diet. On one of the doctor device forums, one practitioner said that his/her vegetarian patients did not get good results because they were protein depleted. This sounds like prejudice but I wonder if there has been anything written about it.

Reason why is that I am seven weeks out from Halo Laser and I am itching to do something else while I have 2 1/2 weeks to heal before work starts again in January. Also I am a 30+ year vegetarian, nearly vegan except for occasional cheese.


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That really is a complex subject you want boiled down. We have data from histology and energy devices that one heals for up to a year after treatment. Manual methods as well are 3 months of collagen remodeling. The body is extremely slow to heal. But perhaps your supper quick at healing. The point is this is your plan and your healing. You know you best and are paying for treatment. IF your Dr and you decide to do all the treatments at once this is your choice, or if you do them weekly, again ... I can only ethnically give information that is accurate. If you want to do a treatment go ahead and do it with the proper knowledge and insight of yourself. It ""could"" work out fine. 

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