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Hi Taners,

This upcoming Monday is my boyfriend's birthday bash, and it's always a huge crazy night out... I'm quite excited! My exams will be all done by then and I'll be ready to just let loose!! Yay. eusa_dance.gif

My skin is doing well this week so far *crosses fingers, knocks on wood*. As long as I do a great makeup job, I should feel more confident this time around. I just have some questions, because this is my first "night out" since being on Accutane...

1) I know drinking on Accutane is bad, but is it only because it's extra hard on your liver? Can you actually *feel* a different effect (eg. should I expect to get drunk faster, or to have a worse hangover?). I just don't wanna go all gung-ho like I usually do, then end up puking an hour later!!

2) My lips are a mess right now!! I don't want to carry around my pot of lip balm...can anyone recommend a lip balm in the STICK form that is effective? Maybe one by Blistex? All of my lip products (Carmex, Blistex) are in the tubs and they're a pain to put on, esp. since they get caught under my long nails neutral.gif

That's all I can think of right now that's worrying me.. any other advice would be appreciated biggrin.gif I wanna look and feel pretty on Monday!! I haven't felt pretty in sooo long...

Thanks everyone! wub.gif


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Hangovers on Accutane are brutal. If you are going to drink (which you shouldn't nor should I - yeah, yeah, we know), be sure to keep up on your fluids the day before. Take supplements such as Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root in order to protect your liver. Keep your Aquaphor/lip balm of choice and a large glass of water on your nightstand. You will be drier than dry the next day. Also, if you wear contacts, don't wear them until you are ready to go out. Keeping them in too longer will dry out your eyes. Although some people have mentioned it, I have never gotten drunk faster on Accutane.

The hangover aside, I am certain that you will feel beautiful!!! I hope that you have a wonderful night and forget all about the Accutane (but remember hydrate the hell out of your body) and the acne and just enjoy yourself!!!!

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haha, thanks for the drinking advice! I seriously needed a heads up. I don't wanna put myself out of commission in the beginning of the night. Eeek!

And thanks Arpazia, I hope I'll feel beautiful smile.gif


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