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Grapeseed Oil and Clove Essential Oil. Rash!!??

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So after researching I decided to try Grapeseed oil and clove Bud essential oil (a few drops) to treat my cystic acne as I read that clove is antibacterial, anti fungal etc, basically it can kill all germs very well. After about 3 days of using this mixture I develop what looks like a reaction on both sides of my chin. Symptoms are very dry scaly skin, itchy and very sore. And to accompany this I seemed to have broken out in more acne pustules and some deep cystic spots. I'm not sure if I'm breaking out from the Grapeseed oil? I'm kind of guessing the clove bud has dried my skin too much and then with the Grapeseed oil is causing bacteria to feed on the dead skin causing more acne? Or are both oils causing purging and too quickly? I'm quite confused. My skin is so dry and tight and irrated and sore so I've stopped this combination at the moment. The picture is after a couple days and did actually get a little worse.


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Grapeseed oil or jojoba oil shouldn't make you break out. I use either of them when I've burnt myself with tea tree oil. Perhaps the clove oil is what you're reacting to. Keep the area clean with witch hazel and use a soothing moisturiser, for me I use those oils but you may lean towards something you know doesn't leave you with a bad reaction. 

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