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     I have recently a few months ago gotten acne and I don’t know what to do because before all of this my face was clear except for one acne scar on my chin and that was it. I have now got acne even on my cheeks and I NEVER in my life have had it anywhere but my T zone. I really want help because now I’ve tackled the spots on my forehead and on my t zone I’ve gotten 4 new acne spots on my cheek which never had happened and idk why because I change my sheets regularly and I have been using the duac like prescribed but I now have stopped using it got a month and Idek if it’s worse or better. Everyday I feel different about it one day I’ll feel confident and come back feeling unhappy and ugly and when I feel bad I come back feeling better. What do I do? I’ll show you my progress from before acne to having it to the treatment.

Before acne: 6 pmonths ago35FD14B8-7107-4824-80D2-406FC7C4942B.thumb.jpeg.823d40c86d747732ce054ad66b717e14.jpeg

During treatment:CF061A8A-B200-45AE-A1DD-E06CFF7FBD1A.thumb.jpeg.f0a47b8f2a4b4c75912dd991e63c30d2.jpeg

After Treatment


But now it’s gotten worse again because I have acne on my cheek if you look where the red blocky stuff is


My aim is for the scar tissue to be completely gone and for no new blemishes to occur. If any of you guys could suggest a easy quick way to achieve this pls do. I’ve been prescribed roacutane topical cream is that any good? Does it bring the acne back up? Or Shall I just leave it?

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How long have you been on your current treatment? If you see some progress, I'd stick with it...it took me 5 months to get completely clear skin.  So if you see a bit of improvement, stick with it (as hard as it is!)

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