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I need support and answers!!!

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A lot of changes have happened in my life recently and I really need guidance because I think my dermatologist just wants my money. 

I had a few pimples pop up during this last year due to stress, but they would all go away relatively quickly. I felt good in my skin. 

June: I went off of birth control because I wanted to be more natural (didn’t receive my period again until mid-November after starting BC again)

July: I went to Europe for the first time where my skin was sooo oily and my active spot on my right cheek flared slightly, but it wasn’t too bad.

August (picture 1): I move across the country by myself for the first time in my life. It was a very stressful time and I couldn’t stop picking at my face. My acne flared in just one week along both of my cheeks. This made me even more stressed. I also didn’t know anyone in the new city and I was too self-conscience about my face to meet anyone

september: saw a dermatologist where he prescribed me antibiotics and BP 5%. I believe I am antibiotic resistant because there has been no improvement, the BP seems to only help dry out the white heads. Also got Adapalene to help with the scarring. Only helps a little bit. Started taking probiotics to help with my gut health (I also did two sessions of acupuncture during this time) 

October (picture 2): had to wear a lot of makeup up for my job (concert dance) and my acne flared again. But one side of my face reduced in swelling and was just PIH for about a week (time of low stress, good diet). I’ve been only putting neutrogena clear complexion on my cheeks, and I shower after working out everyday (only wearing makeup for about 50 hours/week). This doesn’t help me answer why I’m now breaking out on my forehead. 

november (picture 3): got on birth control again (ortho-tri cyclen) and I got my period back. I also got on spironolactone. I’ve been on the BC for 5 weeks and the spironolactone  for about 2.5. My acne continues to get worse. (My testosterone levels were also tested and they were normal...even a little on the lower side, so I’m not sure if Spiro will help)

december: I am on track to start accutane in January, but I am having so much anxiety about getting on it that I have lost sleep. (Which does not help my acne). I also have been having anxiety about my acne so I’m not sure what to do.

what I’ve noticed: stress and a bad diet makes my acne flare. I’ve been vegan for 2 months now and that hasn’t helped much. I’m not sure if pounding more medication down would serverely harm my body, or make my acne better. I just want my acne to get better because it is the main reason for my anxiety (which I have never had before).






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im not saying dont go on accutane but you should definitely research it and read some of the threads before trying.

acne is quite a complex disease. you might need to do a lot of research and trial and error before you find products and treatment that works for you.

going by what you said, you might want to start by googling:

diet and acne

non comedogenic makeup and acne

nizoral / head & shoulders and acne 

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