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Persisent Acne On Cheeks Only!

Hi guys,

So I have found out that if I eat all sorts of chocolade, I get acne on and around my nose, which is fine by me (I stop eating it)
I also noticed whenever I drink milk, I get acne on my chin.
When I eat a protein bar, I get acne above my lip.

These are all avoidable for me and I can live with it. But the problem is that I get persistent acne on my cheeks only!

I am allergic to house dust mite, so I change my pillow cases and bed cases regurarly. 

They are not cysts or pimples with white heads, but more red inflamed mark pimples which most of the time never get a whitehead.
What I do now:

-changed to healthy diet
-take probiotics, vitamine D and A, Zinc and Fish Oil
-Drink plenty of bottled water
-change pillow cases reguraly
-try to shower short 
-don't smoke
-don't use topical creams such as bezilperoxide because they make it even worse

This helped me a lot with my other acne on other parts of my face, but I still get persistent acne on my cheeks.

Does anyone know what to ddo?

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