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My acne basically went away

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So I struggled with acne throughout my junior year. I didn't have cystic but my acne left me with lots of dark spots. It wasn't that I had a ton of it, it was more like I just never didn't have a breakout on my face. I was on the lowest dosage of retin-a on my cheeks and then clindamycin on my forehead. The clindamycin had helped my forehead from the very beginning, it was very reliable. But my retin-a was giving me mixed results. Obviously I had purging but then after like 2 months my skin cleared up and people were noticing and stuff and giving me compliments, but then like after a week IT CAME BACK SO WTF. and i never went to the dermatologist cuz i figured I should just wait it out. The whole cycle of it stayed the same every time. I would always break out so much on my period and then it would take me like three weeks for my skin to recover (and it still didn't look good from scars and stuff), and then i got my period again and the process started again. It always varied month to month how bad it was or whether it was a good month or bad month. BUT THEN IT ALL CHANGED WHICH IS SUPER WEIRD. I went to New Zealand for the summer AND OH MY GOD I THINK THE AIR THERE JUST MAGICALLY HEALED MY SKIN??? I got there and I figured my skin would clear up because the meat and vegetables is there barely has any added stuff to it, and the air is alot less polluted than my home of Los Angeles. But it cleared up to the point where I had maybe a couple scars and I PROBABLY ONLY HAD LIKE 2 PIMPLES WHILE I WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME??? LIKE WHAT?? So when I came back home I was't sure what was going to happen. I started breaking out a little bit when I came home and then it slowly faded away, and then my acne literally just went away for like 4 months so YAYYAYAY but also like wtf? I would get small pimple here and there, and I stopped breaking out on my period. I am now starting to break out on my period but not that badly at all compared to before so ya this was just a rly strange story I wanted to share. If anyone has any ideas to why any of this happened please let me know lol.

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