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Feeling very discouraged... How I should I treat this scarring?

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I suffered from moderate cystic acne as a teenager, but my skin was completely clear — and quite smooth — for five or six years after graduating from high school. The scars seen here, photographed in some of the harshest lighting I encounter on a daily basis, have either become more visible or appeared outright as I've progressed into my late 20s. I have seen several doctors in the past year, and have received two rounds of fillers (with very minimal success) and four sessions of microneedling (with moderate success). I have two more microneedling sessions booked in the coming months. Two doctors have rejected performing subcision, saying the scars are either not deep enough, or not the type that would benefit from such a procedure. What should I do?


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@D_Tor It's actually hard for me to tell the severity of the scars in the picture you provided I need shadows from directional light or a flashlight. But from what I see. There seems to be rolling scars on the upper cheek ad some box cars on the forehead

Filler without scar treatments will do nothing. microneedling alone won't do it, you have to manually dermastamp the forehead boxcars individually at home, this is not a Dr's treatment. Cancel the microneedling sessions.

The doctors your went to seem to not be acne scar specialist or even know how to do sucbcision, this is the response these type of Drs give. I don't know where you are but we have a list on the FAQ - First post of the scar treatments sub at the end. 

Subcision, I do feel you need cannular subcision in the mid to upper cheek area for your rolling scars. Even if your scars are not overly deep they need treatment. Filler is done for a spacer post subcsiion not for volume. We want you to grow your own collagen. 3 sessions are needed, you fill when the swelling goes down, if they cannot fill properly then have them put the filler under all the upper-mid cheek area.

The forehead is the hardest area to treat... thin skin, lots of muscles, arteries, veins, movement, no fat. That being said dermastamp the boxcars yourself at home once a month and you can do the cheek scars if you wish as well. 

Botox for the forhead, this will soften the area a lots. Have them do CO2 laser to just the boxcars angled 3-7% density and the highest power. you don't need to stamp your whole forehead. IF they don't have this rf needling can be effective (this is different than micironeedling). Several sessions are needed spaced between your subcisions. 

Find a Dr who does erbium fully ablative peels / laser and have them soften the forehead and scar texture.

Retin-a/tretinorin/differin nightly for cell turnover. 

Your going to do Dr's treatments every 3 months, I don't care if they say every 2 weeks, ... the body is extremely slow to heal. Do you dermastamping at home in between Dr's treatments. Treat as you have time and money, many take 3 years to treat. 

I think you have bad practitioners who are treating your for aesthetics and not scars. 

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