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Tea tree oil swelled up acne spot?

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Hi, i pretty cleanly squeezed a pimple and after a few hours there was only a slight bump still. I applied tea tree oil and aloe vera and it stung a little and then really swelled up. It looks like a big bea or wasp sting now. I've used tea tree oil many times without a reaction, but the area around the pimple almost immediately got puffy and kind of thick feeling, and very red.


Now there is the chance there were two pimples beside eachother and i only got one (the other may have been more under or behind the surface one i took care of) so maybe i actually just really messed up the one behind the one i took care of. But this seems not as likely since generally the spot was calming down as the night went up until i rubbed some aloe/tea tree oil on it. That was the moment it went crazy and got puffy huge (the general area, not just the pimple itself). 


Has anyone had reactions like that from tea tree oil on healing blemishes? Quick and big swelling, redenning, and kind of hardening of a big area around the pimple? 

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