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week 3 on acne.org

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hi all. im totally new to this and just started the regimen. im on week 3 of acne.org and im feeling discouraged. My skin feels so disgusting and gross i just want to scrub the hell out of it. and i am also breaking out really bad and dont know what to do.. how did you guys find your skin during the first month without having to exfoliate?? what would you do and is it normal to break out on week 3 ??

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I have the very same issue, my face feels uncomfortable, Instead of having a Single come up of a red acne spot, I have gotten a pretty bad break out, on places on my face that I usually never break out. I paused on using the regiment on the first week, because I am not looking to get an extreme case of Acne. It has the reverse effect for me so far. I had a light case of Acne, like a single case of an inflammation at a time. I might try to continue with the Regiment during the holidays, where I can hide my face from my co- workers, if I then happen to outbreak.

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They say to give it 6-8 weeks before you can make a decision of whether it works or not.  Personally, with what I use, it took 5 months to see completely clear skin (but I was seeing results which is why I stuck with it)

Sounds like you're experiencing what they call a 'purge' - which is bringing everything to the surface faster.  Wait it out and give it another 2-3 weeks...if nothing changes (not even slightly), then I'd say it's safe to try something else. Good luck, I hope you see some results! Very frustrating.

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