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massive hormonal imbalance - low pg, low e2, high dhea-s, relative estrogen dominance

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Im pretty stumped as to how to approach my hormonal imbalance. I am 33/F I have PCOS. It is lean Pcos, and im pretty sure insulin resistance, obesity, etc isn't the  driver. I noticed my symptoms sort of blew up overnight after I turned 30. I also noticed that my symptoms get worse when I embark on an exercise regimen or diet of any type. I usually fare well just eating gentle carbs and lots of veggies, low dairy, mild exercises (yoga, barre)

My female hormones were low while my male hormones were elevated according to a recent saliva test:
Estradiol: .9 L (1.3- 3.3 pg/mL)
Progesterone: 59 L (75-270 pg/mL)
Ratio Pg/E2: 66 L (Optimal 100-500 when E2 1.3 -3.3 pg/mL)
Testosterone: 34 L (16-55 pg/mL)
DHEAS: 19.8 L (2-23 ng/mL)
Cortisol morning: 7.1 (3.7-9.5 ng/mL)
Cortisol night: 1.2 H (.4-1.0 ng/mL)

It seems im estrogen deficient while being estrogen dominant at the same time. Similarly, my dhea-S was elevated for my age range.

Heres what I have tried and my experience/takeaway:
1) Anti-androgens (saw palmetto, spiro spearmint tea):   worsen symptoms. im convinced that they make me more estrogenic, which worsens the estrogen dominance. however its kind of a conundrum on how to treat this, because more estrogen is needed?

2) Vitex: increases progesterone but decreases estrogen, so that leaves my androgens unopposed. also increases LH, which is already high in PCOS and actually needs to be lowered 

3) Progesterone cream: Worked beautifully for the first 2 months and then worsened my symptoms. Is it  because of estrogen receptor stimulation? Is it worth trying again with a high loading dose to overcome the estrogen dominance first?

4) inositol : helped me ovulate, but seems to increase my dhea-s? always shed a lot of hair on this one

I strongly feel that I need some type of combination therapy that tackles the low estrogen/progesterone, estrogen dominance, and androgen dominance. Does anyone have any tips for something that works for this particular profile?

I thought about licorice and peony.

Btw I would like to treat his naturally if possible.


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