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Starting a new progress report. (Gentle skin care)

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so around 2015 or so I made a progress report, or journal so to speak on my acne treatment. At the time I was prescribed epiduo for mild/moderate acne, and I've been using it for three years. It worked, it cleared me up and I don't want anyone to get that wrong idea- it isn't "stop working", however I've noticed after research and trial and error that it wasn't right for my skin. A lot of what I've been doing hasn't been right for my skin. I  still get breakouts that really bother me, and my skin still sucks. Here's what I've concluded 

1) I've been far to harsh with my skin. I use a stripping cleanser (cetaphil gentle) that leaves it feeling super tight and dry- then i use the epiduo- and then a ceraphil moisturizer. It leaves my skin while somewhat clear - red and Marked and dry. I don't have a nice complexion. 

2) I have neglected my intolerances, and diet far too much. I have linked dairy consumption to my acne and regardless I do not like to have dairy products anyways. I don't eat enough during the day, I don't drink enough Water I don't feel great. This is something I believe I need  fix before I can even think about a healthy complexion. 

So what am I going to do about it? I haven't fully figured it out but here's where ill start.
1- ween off the cleanser the epiduo 
 - start oil cleansing  with hemp seed oil 
- try to Wear no foundation as much as possible 
-no face masks or excess chemicals 

2- attempt a healthier lifestyle in general
-cut dairy completely. 
-  drinkmore water. 

Through my research I will add or cut certain products and I will update with pictures and update with journal entries.

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